Board / Policies

Library Board Policies
Circulation Equipment and Services Internet and Public Computers
Room Use Donations and Gifts Safety and Behavior
Patron Information Investment Patron Credit Card Payment
Library Re-Opening Policy COVID Preparedness and Response Plan
Material Selection Policy

The New Buffalo Township Library Board meets the second Tuesday of each month in the Pokagon room at 4:15 pm

Library Board Members
Kathie Butler, President Mary Donnelly, Vice President
Becky Borglin, Secretary Mary McPherson, Trustee
Sandy Sporleder, Treasurer Paul Ciccarelli, Trustee
Nancy Mrozek, Trustee Donna Salerno, Trustee

Previous Library Board Members
Dorothy Seaman Mae Ohime – 19 yrs.
Olive Stromer – 45 yrs. Frances Karlovsky – 19 yrs.
Harriet Melgin – 23 yrs.
 Otto Svejda
J. E. Barlow J. M. Littlejohn
Janet Van Wert Loretta Kemmer
Rita Piotter Minnie Guhl
Elsie Oselka Mary Burger
Linda Colvin Marie Behr
Dorothy Siegmund – 42 yrs. Joseph Setnicky
Nadja Ritter – 13 Virginia Novack
Mildred Guhl Joyce Zboril – 13
Florence Zanders Marty Ruszkowski
Libbie Bond Leona Rosenbaum
Christine Dombrowski
 Christine Lutkus – 11
Alma Costley Mrs. Mann
Marie James Carol Keefe
Minnie Elwanger Laura Radnoti
Mrs. Friedman Clara Divita
Terry Redamak – 28 yrs. Judy Lamport
Mrs. Deaner Mary Ann Ruzicka
Cindy Spriggs Mary Redamak
Dan Donnelly Ed Lijewski
Kate Vyskocil Nora Duffy
Leah Aaron Andrea Brown
Albin Sikora