New Buffalo Township Library Event Calendar

Date: 7/19/2022
Time: 6:30 PM -
Title: The St. Valentine's Day Massacre and the Birth of Forensics
Contact: Julie Grynwich, 269-469-2933
Location: Pokagon Room
The brutal massacre of seven north side gang members in a Lincoln Park garage on February 14, 1929 shocked the nation. It also led to the creation of the first crime laboratory in the United States. The laboratory, started at Northwestern University with the help of concerned citizens, was set up within a year of the killings. And, there's a Berrien County connection--a few months after the murders, a county patrolman attempted to pull over a car, and was killed by its driver, Fred "Killer" Burke. The car was later found abandoned outside St. Joseph. In its trunk were weapons used in the massacre. Those weapons are currently kept by the country sheriff's office.
Presenter: William Sherlock is a retired Chicago and Illinois State forensics officer. He has taught forensics in Chicago and elsewhere, and has published many articles on the subject.            269-469-2933