New Buffalo Township Library Event Calendar

Date: 8/15/2022
Time: 6:30 PM -
Title: Harbor Country Film Group with Eve Moran - "Some Like it Hot"
Contact: Julie Grynwich, 269-469-2933
Location: Pokagon Room
Description: A clever and witty script, a dynamic trio of lead actors (Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe), and gifted direction by Billy Wilder all conspire to bring us a perfect summer movie. Some Like It Hot tells the story of two male musicians, on the run from gangsters in Chicago, who take cover by disguising themselves as women in order to join an all-female jazz band heading to Florida. Oh what fun! In 2001, when the American Film Institute selected the 100 greatest American comedies, Some Like It Hot placed first on the list. In his Great Movies essay from 2000, Roger Ebert calls this comedy “one of the enduring treasures of the movies, a film of inspiration and meticulous craft.” In 2017, BBC Culture polled 253 film critics from 52 countries to determine the funniest films ever made. Here, too, Some Like It Hot was crowned number one. Laughter is important to the human condition. So let’s gather to enjoy and explore this sparkling and timeless comic masterpiece.            269-469-2933