New Buffalo Township Library Event Calendar

Date: 4/12/2019
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Title: Free Yoga Fridays: Chair Yoga
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Description: We are welcoming Susie Holzshuh for 8-Friday yoga classes leading us up to May! With two sessions in the afternoon, participants can choose one or both.
Chair Yoga is all levels will focus on core strength and flexibility and relaxation. She will include breathing techniques, chi gong, tapping and iRest (yoga Indra) with yoga postures using a chair and wall. This class is great for more body awareness for people recovering from illness or injury, have a chronic illness or can’t get up and down from the floor easily.
You are welcome to bring a strap and one or two blocks for your feet. A towel, comfortable clothes, and layering clothes are suggested. Journal and pen optional for notes.            269-469-2933